PomPom Instructions

How to make a basic PomPom

You will need

·         Yarn in one or more colours
·         Cardboard for templates (cereal packets are good)
·         Scissors for paper
·         Sharp scissors for cutting yarn


1.      Draw round a circular object on the cardboard to make a template. Old CDs are a perfect size to make a big PomPom. Draw a smaller circle in the centre. A small roll of tape is a good size.

2.      Cut out the template and make a second one.

3.      Place the two templates together. Cut two or three pieces of yarn about 4m long. You will discover over time what kind of length you like to work with. To make the PomPom quicker, you can work with two or three strands at once. They do not need to be the same colour.

4.      Wrap the yarn round the templates, going through the hole in the centre and over the outside edge. Cut more yarn as necessary and repeat until the hole in the centre is basically filled.

5.      Holding the PomPom carefully, start snipping into outside edge of the wool, making sure that the yarn does not fall out. Cut through all of the yarn.

6.      Cut a length of yarn and insert it between the two templates, pulling tight, then knotting several times to hold all the yarn of the PomPom in place.

7.      Remove the templates by cutting through them from the edge to the centre. The templates can be re-used a number of times.


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