Monday, 24 June 2013

It's not just people enjoying the PomPoms...

Thanks to Rachel Pugh for the photos!

PomPoms from Catriona McKay

These PomPoms are the work of Catriona McKay, a member of Contemporary Quilt, who saw our ‘Plea for PomPoms’ in its magazine.  Thanks Catriona!

Pumpkin PomPom

This cute little pumpkin PomPom is the work of Pumpkinchickpea.  Thank you – it’s great.

PomPoms from Kate Davies


Funny things happen when you go house-hunting.  Sometimes you find the village you are looking to move to covered in PomPoms.  Katie Davies liked the idea so much she wrote about it on her blog and she made some for us.  Thank you Katie for these beautiful PomPoms.

PomPoms from Runnymede Policy Team

Runnymede Policy Team made these fun PomPoms.  Thank you to all of you who contributed!

PomPoms from Innellan & Toward Family Centre

These delightful PomPoms are the work of Nicola Law and the Innellan & Toward Family Centre.  Thank you!

PomPoms from Fiona Taylor

Fiona Taylor of Kingfisher Yarns made these PomPoms, using her own special hand-dyed yarn.  They are lovely.  Thanks Fiona!

PomPom from Viv

Included in this general PomPom shot is a lovely from PomPom made by Viv, of The Hair Shop in Balfron.  It was beautifully trimmed!  Thanks Viv!

... and toddlers get in on the act too

Local Toddler Groups have got involved too.  These photos are some of the fantastic mums and carers at Killearn Toddlers who made PomPoms for us on Wednesday morning.  At the same time, the Balfron Bairns was meeting... making PomPoms! It is no mean feat to make a PomPom whilst balancing babies, so thank you much ladies!

PomPom from Lesley Keighley

Lesley Keighley handed in these PomPoms to add to the PomPom Blossom Festival.  We’re not sure if she was the maker or whether they were made by the people whose names were to go on the labels.  But thank you anyway – they’re great.

Friday, 21 June 2013

PomPoms from Balfron High School


Balfron High School has also been involved, which is fantastic.  Many pupils made PomPoms during their registration period.  Thank you so much to all who made one or more!

PomPoms from the MacDonald family

These PomPoms are the work of the MacDonald family.  The red really shines out against the green of the trees.  Thank you!

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

PomPoms from Balfron ArtWorks

The fantastic children who attend FAB Arts’ Saturday morning children’s art classes called ArtWorks made these beautiful PomPoms.  They had enormous fun trying out different yarns and bag combinations, as well as naming the PomPoms afterwards.

They create amazing work all year and it was brilliant to see them enjoy PomPom making so much.  Some of the older ones helped hang them too, whilst others have spent ages wandering the village looking for their PomPom!

Thank you so much!



Tuesday, 18 June 2013

PomPoms from Jan Hemming

These gorgeous PomPoms are the work of Jan Hemming from Leeds.  Thanks Jan, they are lovely.

PomPoms from St Bartholomews Church of England Primary School

A mega thank you to the children of Years 3-6 of St Bartholomew’s Church of England Primary School for this amazing group of PomPoms.  They are fantastic and are now spread across various trees in the village.  The children of Balfron Primary, who also made PomPoms for the trees are really pleased that other schools got involved too.  A big thank you as well to teacher Barbara Burch who organised it.


Monday, 17 June 2013

PomPoms from Young Embroiderers

Young Embroiderers and their helpers from various groups across central Scotland made these lovely PomPoms.  We love the ingenuity of the materials and shapes.  Thank you!


PomPoms from Ruth Singer

These lovely PomPoms were made by Ruth Singer, a textile artist and tutor who lives in Leicester.  We especially like these PomPoms as some of them use wool which Ruth used to knit a baby blanket which is still in use at PomPom HQ.  Thank you Ruth!


Monday, 10 June 2013

PomPoms from the Teapot Lighthouse

These gorgeous PomPoms are part of the collection made by Kirsty Bell, an artist based in Norfolk, of the Teapot Lighthouse.  There is also a lighthouse to look out for around Balfron, but unfortunately the photo of it was not good enough to use!  Thank you Kirsty, these are fantastic and if we pass your lighthouse PomPom, we will take another photo for the blog.

PomPoms from Morven Shearlaw

Morven Shearlaw made these huge PomPoms with some help from her children.  Thank you to you all!

PomPom from Isabel Hatch

Isabel Hatch made this lovely ‘tartan’ PomPom and also helped us hang the PomPoms – thanks Isabel!

Sunday, 9 June 2013

PomPoms from the Tuesday Needlers and Muirfield Art Club

These are just some of the fantastic collection of PomPoms made by the Tuesday Needlers during their ‘Pompomathon’, with some additions from the Muirfield Art Club.  The variety is amazing!  One is made from old cassette tapes (an 80s mix!), there is a bunch of grapes and several with crochet additions.

Thank you so much ladies for your amazing PomPoms!