Friday, 31 May 2013

PomPoms from Pencaitland Knitters

These PomPoms were made by Pencaitland Knitters, along with hand crafted individual labels.  Thank you so much!


Happy faces

These happy children are holding the fantastic PomPom made by Audrey Wallace.  We’re still puzzling how she managed to make such a fabulous smiley face.  Thank you Audrey!

PomPoms from Stitch n Wine

Stitch n Wine is a craft group that meets in Tring monthly to craft and chat.  Prompted by Beverly Swain, they made these lovely PomPoms for us.  We’re really impressed and love the idea of a Stitch n Wine Group...!  Thank you for the inspiration.

PomPoms from Braeburn Home in Edinburgh

These PomPoms were made as part of Crafternoon at Braeburn Home in Edinburgh.  One of the residents, Joy, was originally from Balfron and was really excited to take part in this project.  We’re really thrilled that they did so too!  Thank you and thank you to Kirstie for pulling it together.

PomPoms from Elizabeth, Alexandra and Margaret

A big thank you to Elizabeth Harvey for her PomPoms and for getting her mum and sister involved, Margaret and Alexandra Henson.  The PomPoms are great!

PomPoms from Aidan and Luci

These beautiful PomPoms were made by Aidan Rooney and his mum, Luci, who runs EventsDecor.  Aidan wanted to see what happened if you mixed plastic bags and wool – it is actually rather effective.  Thanks Aidan and Luci!

Thursday, 30 May 2013

PomPom from Andrew

Andrew Kelly made this one.  Thanks Andrew!

More from Frieda, Jane and their friends

These PomPoms were made by Jane, Fiona, Heather, Angela and Frieda in the house craft group. This is their second batch for us, which is wonderful.  The colours just sing out.  Thank you so much ladies!

More PomPoms from Eileen Tisdall

These PomPoms hiding in amongst the leaves were made by Eileen Tisdall.  The soft colours are really lovely.  Thank you Eileen for making us more!

PomPom from Jill Packer

This is a lovely PomPom from Jill Packer, made with strips of green, orange and yellow fabric, which we suspect were hand-dyed. She has also created a beautiful hand painted label to match.  Thank you Jill!


Another PomPom from Anne in Germany

This is another PomPom from Anne in Germany.  We love the little tufts of red in with the white.  Thank you Anne!

Anonymous - are these yours

Unfortunately these two lovely PomPoms are anonymous – we have the words of Memories and Fun for them.  So if these are your PomPoms, please let us know – we’re sorry we can’t remember, but there are so many arriving in just now!  Thank you for making them!

PomPoms from Jill Savva and her girls

Jill Savva and her girls, Mary and Charlotte, made these fabulous PomPoms from some lovely coloured wool. They are going to look amazing nestling among the green leaves.


More PomPoms from Bethsy Gray

Bethsy Gray has made a fantastic number of PomPoms for this PomPom Blossom Festival.  These ones are her latest contribution.  We don’t know where she finds the time as she also runs a lovely jewellery business in the West End of Glasgow, so we are incredibly grateful that she has been so generous.

PomPoms from Helen Blackley

Helen Blackley’s PomPoms all have an Australian theme to them, with place names on the labels.  We love the mix of wool she has used.

Thank you Helen!

PomPoms from Bec Youens

These lovely PomPoms were made by Bec Youens.  Thank you Bec!

PomPoms from the Mitchell family

A big thank you to Rachel Mitchell and her family for making these amazing PomPoms.  Also a special mention for Duncan Mitchell who has given us the longest word for a label so far: antidisestablishmentarianism.  We were even more impressed it was spelt correctly the first time!  Thank you!

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

PomPoms from the Armstrong family

Three generations of one family contributed to these fabulous PomPoms.  We especially love the ones with the pink mohair and the black and white wool. A big thank you to Grace Armstrong who got her Mum, Jill involved and then her gran, Joan Dempster.  Even her brothers, James and Fraser, got in on the act too.  Thank you so much for creating these PomPoms and coming up with the words to go with them!

PomPoms from Jenny Mackay

These PomPoms are made from wool tops, the fibres which are used to make felt.  They are the creation of Jenny Mackay, who is a fibre artist.  We simply love the one called ‘sky’, with its mixed of colours in with the blue, to give a lovely early morning or late evening sky.

We are also curious to see how they last during the PomPom Blossom Festival if it rains and is windy – will they end up as two felted balls?

Thank you so much Jenny, they are beautiful!

PomPoms from the Community Council

These PomPoms were made by Jean Browning on behalf of the Balfron Community Council.  We are really pleased that the Community Council wanted to be involved in this project.  The words for the PomPoms include ‘involvement’ and Jean asked us to remind any Balfron folk reading this that the CC is always looking for people to be ‘involved’ and that new members will be needed to run things from October...!


A big thank you to Jean and the rest of the Community Council for their continuing support of FAB Arts, FABFEST! and the PomPom Blossom Festival.

PomPoms from Catriona Stirling

This amazing array of 78 PomPoms were made by Catriona Stirling, who is pictured holding a few of them in front of the quilt she made for the Loch Lomond Quilt Show.  What a talented lady!
Catriona's epic effort takes us over the 1,000 PomPom mark and more are still coming in - thank you everyone - all your contributions big and small are greatly appreciated.