Tuesday, 14 May 2013

PomPoms from Craft Bomb Balfron

Saturday afternoon saw us outside Wonderland in Balfron, making PomPoms for Craft Bomb Balfron. The PomPoms which were made are now hanging on the railings between Wonderland and the Coop and will be removed at the end of this week and dried out for the PomPom Blossom Festival.


Although the PomPoms are now sodden and it rained all Saturday morning, amazingly the rain stayed off whilst we were making them. Our biggest concern was the bitter wind blowing the wool off the table and on to the road. Luckily, there were no casualties! It was a great way of publicising the PomPom Blossom Festival locally and also for FAB Arts to run an event as part of Voluntary Arts Week.

Thank you to everyone who stopped and made a PomPom or went home to make one in the warmth.
A mega thank you to Claudia, Mavia and Celie Duncan for bringing along some hot chocolate just when we needed it and to Alice and Wonderland for letting us use her space and being a PomPom collection point!


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